Welcome To AUPS Academy

The Academy cares about science because it is the origin of everything.

Our story that we have confirmed the extent of human need for education and training, we sought to be a scientific entity serving humanity in this area, which is the basis of all fields

Our mission is to communicate practical experiences to all learners and trainees through the link between expert and professional trainers and advanced international curricula

To be a leader in education and training in the world, we aim to be a model of excellence in our field for many institutions in many countries around the world.

Why Choose Us

You choose us because we have many values and principles that make us offer you our services with excellence and accuracy


We strive to offer you the best training experience with us, and for that we are constantly working to ensure that our services meet your expectations and comply with international standards


When you deal with us, you will be assured that you have dealt with a professional, highly qualified, and exceptional service


All of our trainers are experienced in their field of specialization and are fully aware of what they are doing and have been chosen to work in a unique training environment


Our staff is friendly and friendly with the trainees, and we take care of our customers in terms of the price fits provided without compromising the quality level required, we aim to transcend our dealings with you as clients to be treated as friends

Value Added

 We are interested in providing some free services, technical consultations, and post-training services, which makes the value of our courses of continuous value and this helps you to develop yourself and your business