Programming Courses

Programming Courses Useing Alot of Programming Languages Like Java ,C#,Python ,.....

Accounting courses

Learning Accounting,and Electronic Accounting Useing alot of Applications like Excel,Peachtree,QuickBooks,Asseal,Tally,Smacc.

English Language Course

To speak English Like Native Peoples ,Know new people, and new experiences.

Training Of Trainers

This course provides practical guidance, knowledge, and skills on how to design and deliver effective training programs.


A global course that complies with the standards of industrial safety and occupational safety and health and is currently applied by all companies and establishments in all countries of the world

Professional Media Course

The courseĀ is designed to provide students with the latest skills and knowledge that will prepare them for a variety of roles in the dynamic and ever changing industries associated with media and communication.

Marine Hospitality

This course is designed to provide students with a broader understanding of the operational aspects of the International Hospitality Industry, and a knowledge of the underlying principles involved. Students upon the completion of the course would be able to establish the knowledge and skills required through progressive levels from initial training in various Hospitality Services, Supervision and Managerial responsibilities.

Management of hospitals and medical institutions

There is increasing acceptance that proper management of Management of hospitals and medical institutions is essential for the attainment of affordable and sustainable quality healthcare delivery.